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Game description

Take submarine to explore the world ocean. The lost empire has beauty mermaid and secret buried treasure. Atlantis equipped with 5-reel,3-row and 10-bet line(fixed). When fish man takes his gun out, he will turn some symbol into wild symbol.

Game's features are:

CASCADE FEATURE: Symbols that participated in a Win combination, after payment, will disappear and be replaced by the symbols above. New Win combinations may be generated.

MULTIPLIER: 1 symbol multiplies the Win x2. 2 symbols multiply the Win x4. 3 symbols multiply the Win x8.

WILD: WILD symbol works as a Joker that replaces any symbol except Multiplier and Free Spins to get better chance of winning.

EXPANDING WILD: If symbol Wild is right below a symbol submarine on a reel, it will become Expanding Wild, which means the whole reel will become Wild.

FREE SPINS: x3 starts 3 Free Spins. x4 starts 5 Free Spins. x5 starts 7 Free Spins. If symbol Wild appears on the first reel, then two other random symbols in any position on the reels turn Wild.

Game Specifications

  • Game name
    Atlantis: Lost Kingdom
  • Game type
    5-Reel Slot Machine
  • Paylines
  • RTP
  • Volatility
  • Mobile
  • Resolution
  • Supported Platform
  • Recommended browser
  • Supported OS
  • Languages
  • Distributed by

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